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December 27th, 2006

Stand up to the fight~! @ 08:00 pm

Name: Melissa
Nicknames: Digigirl02, Digigirl, or Digi
Age: 23
Date of birth: December, 16th 1983.

Likes: Being on-line, cartoons, reading, writing, making music videos, church.
Strong Points: Creative, pretty friendly
Dislikes: Smut, slash, cussing, I am basically very conservative.
Weak Points: Can be stubborn, and is not very good at spelling and grammar, also is very sarcastic.

Favorite Color: Yellow and Purple.
Favorite Food: Cheese burgers
Favorite Digimon: Patamon, but Renamon and Guilmon are cool too.
Favorite Digidestined and Why: Koushiro, because I just love his computer geek ness. I also like Mimi's girlyness, and TK and Kari(especially in season 1 )innocence.
Favorite Digimon Season: Season 1 and 2 because I like the characters the best.

Least Favorite Color: Probably brown.
Least Favorite Food: Mayo, and Tuna fish.
Least Favorite Digimon: Can't really think of one right now, but just like the seasons, I think each digimon has their good and bad parts.
Least Favorite Digidestined and Why: Sora, because I just never really cared for her.
Least Favorite Digimon Season: All the seasons had they're good and bad parts, but I prefer old-school digimon.(seasons 1 and 2) to the newer seasons.

Alone or With a Group?: With a group.
Leader or Follower?: Leader
Listener or Speaker?: Speaker
Persistent or Weak-willed?: Weak-willed
Pessimistic or Optimistic?: Optimistic
Fun or Business?: Both are good to have.
Anything else?: Now that I think about it, I really miss the good old days when it was aired on Fox Kids.
Description: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, petite
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